Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC

Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC

Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC
Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC. If you haven't used one of these, they are AMAZING we already have one in the kitchen, another in the office... This was in the RV, which is no longer being used. The versatility, speed, and health benefits of this unit are impressive.

LOVE cooking steaks, tator-tots, and chicken breasts... But works quick and great for garlic bread, and anything else you would normally bake, broil, or toast. Thank you for visiting our store.

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But MECHANICS, functionality, and durability are our priorities. If an item is'USED' or'PRE-OWNED' - it is unreasonable to think, feel, or believe it will not have some scratch, nick, or blemish, even if it otherwise'LOOKs NEW. Any item measurements are approximate. And usually shown in the photos.

ANY washing and DRYING may change the sizing. Please compare to your favorite garments to ensure fit. Understand SOME MATERIALS CAN NOT BE PUT IN A DRIER - but only'air dried. Especially WOOL and Dry Clean Only items. (if we don't have a VA appointment or other emergency, which is rare).

It's in the hands of the shipper. &#####x27A4; Items are carefully inspected and sealed after photos, and we have thousands of items...

And get requests for specific measurement often. If you order, and send us the measurements you need/expect (if they aren't already in the photos or description). We will cancel the order IF IT DOESN'T MEET YOUR SPECIFICATIONS without any delay or issue...

Please understand: We have over 1,500 pair of shoes, and thousands of clothes, and to measure them all takes a bunch of time. We do try to measure those items that'seem off' or different than their label, or that are lacking a label; if we did, those measurements WILL BE IN THE PHOTOS. &#####x27A4; Note: sending us selfies of body parts for us to GUESS YOUR SIZE, or ask if'it might fit,' won't help you. &#####x27A4; Both of us were honorably discharged from the US Airforce many, many, many years ago. As'mostly retired' CONCERT & event Photographers that haven't worked any commercial events since the government mandated closures.

Concerts are still all over the place, and so much has changed since March 2020 in the Music Industry & when we'd photograph "MEET & GREETs, " concerts, shows, and events. We used to be somewhere, usually Tennessee or sourounding areas, photographing someone or something, a couple times a week (over 100 times a year)... However, since the closures we've not photographed a concert since. Our goal is to meet and exceed expectations WHEN POSSIBLE knowing we can't please everyone every time.

But we can exceed the expectations of most - most of the time... &#####x27A4; NOTE: If it is NEW IN THE BOX, or OPEN BOX, other than to take photos and make sure it matches the photos, unless stated otherwise, we haven't checked or tested it. We list in good faith... Describe as well as we can. It depends on your location (from us)...

Those additional protections aren't free, but help cover us both (you & us). As you see, we have solid GREAT feedback for a reason - WE CARE, and GO OUT OF OUR WAY TO BE FAIR, REASONABLE, AND HONEST in our business practices. Brand-new, unused, unworn (may have been tried on), otherwise undamaged...

&#####x27A4; New other (see details). Packaging may be missing, imperfect, or opened. Might have been store display, demo, someone's gift they opened (but didn't use), or otherwise not 100% &#####x2018;perfect. New, BUT may have SOME ISSUE (disclosed in the photos or description)... Such as: mis-marked tags e.

Packaging may be missing or damaged. The item may be a new factory second or irregular, or have some unique or rare flaw (which may or may not make it more valuable). The item is in a pristine, like-new condition.

The item was inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in good to excellent working condition. Little to no visible wear; item is intact and appears structurally sound to flawless, as if it was JUST OPENED... And maybe'tried' then put on a shelf or in a drawer, or something. Little to no visible wear; item is intact and structurally flawless. An item that has obviously been previously used.

The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended, with tons of life left. An item is absolutely used, but still in very good to great condition; with no obvious structural damage, or limits to functionality; probably has some scratches, marks, blemishes, even potentially some discoloration. Minimal'wear and tear' impacting the integrity of the item. An item is well used but good working condition, with obvious wear, yet still operational.

May have external damage including scuffs, scratches, or cracks but no significant holes or tears impacting the function of the item. Still works, but less of a life than Great, Excellent, or NEW. &#####x27A4; For parts or not working. An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational.

This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, or items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components necessary for their use (which they would normally have included). This description includes any electronics that had battery leakage that couldn't be cleaned & fixed to a working state, or is otherwise untested and not known to work as it should. Maybe an item that WAS great to excellent that was damaged after we got it. WE HONESTLY TRY TO AVOID THIS CONDITION CATEGORY, and unless we believe it still has some serious value...

We generally don't bother listing things that are'broken' or not working. CD's, DVD's, and Games = May be broken or cracked case IN TRANSIT, but disc (or tape) and insert will be fine (as pictures). &#####x27A4; Be sure to check the other items listed in our store. RARE Washington Nationals MLB New Era 59FIFTY Fitted Cap black white logo redout.

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Artisan Stand Mixer Frosted Pearl splash guard stainless bowl. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Small Kitchen Appliances\Toaster Ovens". The seller is "foghornleg90" and is located in this country: US.

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Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Silver Nice, Tested, Works AWESOME GUC